Aqua Grand ro water purifiers




  • Perfect solution to provide safe
  • pure water Bacteria and virus free: Aqua fresh RO UV technology destroys microbes, bacteria, and viruses
  • Filter 15_ltr_per_hours and storage tank capacity is 12 Ltr
  • Installation not included For installation call our nearest technician for installation
  • All accessories safely Put into the storage tank

Aqua grand Water Purifier is a wall-mounted water purifier has a storage tank capacity of 12 liters with 15 l/hr. filtration flow capacity and is completely safe to use as it is made of food-grade ABS plastic. A detachable storage tank in this purifier allows easy cleaning. The output water has been lab tested by certified laboratories. The advantage of aqua grand: PH: Our Purified Water or any minerals water has to be minimum pH of 7.4.Our body has to balance 7.4 pH In order to remain active but when we consume acidic foods like fast foods, Spicy and oily foods including cold drinks and acidic water our body fatigue because it tries to maintain 7.4 pH balance. ORP: Is needed to reduce rust, ROT, Fermentation, and decay in the body to maintain health and youth, our drinking water should have an ORP between -150 to -350mv in order to neutralize excess acid that harms our body.

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