Key Features

  • Fully automatic
  • RO + UF with TDS controller
  • 7 Litre capacity
  • Suitable for all water sources

Pure Drinking Water Guaranteed
Bring the Kent Ace+ water purifier home for providing your family with the purest drinking water. It has the state-of-the-art RO + UF technology that ensures that there are no impurities in your water. It also has Sediment, Carbon Filter and UF Filter cartridge for additional protection.

This purifier has a TDS controller that can purify water from all sources even with TDS level lower than 500 ppm. So it is all the same for this purifier whether your water comes from bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers or even municipal taps.

Elegant Design
This water purifier has a wall mountable design that does not use your counter space, giving you more space in your kitchen and easy accessibility to water. It also has an elegant transparent cover that displays all the components of the purifier.

With this filter, you will receive a constant water supply even when there is a power cut or no constant running water. It can hold up to 7 litres of purified water at a time and has a maximum purification capacity is 15 litres per hour which ensures a quick purification process.

Independent operation
The purification of water begins automatically when the water level in the storage tank falls below the maximum level and stops the process as soon as the tank is filled. This makes this water purifier completely automatic and hence you can have the freedom to do other things.

Non-breakable Body
The Kent Ace+ is made from non-breakable ABS food grade plastic that makes sure that your purifier lasts for years to come and also keeps harmful chemicals away from your water. It has a built-in SMPS adaptor that allows it to run on a wide range on input voltage and hence providing protection from power fluctuations. It is also leak-proof due to the rubber O-rings used in the push-fit fittings.

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